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Review of the 2016 exhibition (Part two) - Prolight + Sound Guangzhou


China professional audio and lighting the pilot of the industry exhibition, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou(hereinafter referred to as the Guangzhou Exhibition) in 2016 February 29 to March 3 in China Import and Export Commodity Fair Pavilion area a was successfully held, for industry procurement season kicked off. The exhibition area of 130 thousand square meters, 68441 professional visitors to visit. 1231 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions for the audience presented a series of high quality brands and products.


Current Guangzhou show viewers and the number of exhibitors compared with last year, respectively, an increase of 7% and 4%, the current Guangzhou show more detailed division of partition of exhibits, in addition to representative audio brand Museum, Museum of professional audio, light hall, KTV hall and Enping electro acoustic Museum, hall 2.1 and 1.2 museum is the first design conference system, public broadcasting, headphones, microphones brand Museum and professional audio, accessories Museum, for the participants provides efficient business docking platform.


Interview articles

For many exhibitors, the Guangzhou exhibition is a great opportunity for them to open up the Chinese market, an excellent business platform. Mr. Winterhoff Robert director Beyerdynamic in the evaluation results show deeply identity:

Chinese consumers increasing demand for high quality brand, so we hope that with the help of Guangzhou Fair this platform to enter the Chinese market. Our enthusiastic response to the exhibition in Guangzhou is encouraging! We have met with Chinese distributors and partners. I am very pleased to witness the growth of the Guangzhou exhibition, becoming one of the Asian professional lighting and sound industry.

Debut exhibition, Guangzhou, audio-visual system said exhibitors grades far beyond their expectations, the Greater China area manager seals just, the show was full of praise:

We very much appreciate the organizers specially set up audio brand Museum, the exhibition hall layout for exhibition of professional and fine exhibition exhibits considerably. This is of great benefit to us to improve brand awareness, increase sales and consolidate the business relationship with distributors, system integrators and end customers. Guangzhou Expo is a great opportunity for us to deliver the latest technologies and products to the market. We are very satisfied with the results achieved in the show.

Haman international, China audio and video system division in this session will vigorously promote new products, its deputy general manager Lu Dawei said:

I think the entertainment market continues to grow, for us to create unlimited business opportunities, but at the same time we have to play more creative, continuous innovation. In order to cater to the market trend, we are here to show the latest KP6000+ and KTV KI500 series, get the attention of the industry's high. Guangzhou exhibition is a wonderful industry event, so that our business is more on the floor.

Guangzhou exhibition held in the industry procurement season, more convenient for enterprises to promote new products to the market. The Fujian star net e-Video Information System Co. Ltd. also hope to seize the opportunity, the new intelligent KTV system to show the audience. The company's senior industry marketing manager Mr. Zhang Fan said:

Guangzhou exhibition is the best time to release the product. Many viewers are deeply interested in our unique and revolutionary products, and we look forward to opening up more business in different markets after the exhibition. We have plans to expand our booth at the exhibition next year to meet more business opportunities.

For buyers, the exhibition, Guangzhou's products are all inclusive, and is located in the production base of the superior geographical location and bring them more convenient purchasing experience and help to establish a broader business context.


Conference Papers

A series of four days of exciting activities held during the exhibition, covering the promotion of China's professional audio and lighting industry, an important issue of technological innovation. More than 30 industry forum was successfully held, including the first stage of the PLSG annual training session and the gathering time product recommendation will be received by the audience.